just for today

 A song for Maria :

way up , way up in the mountain garden I see Maria 

picking cherries and playing with her thirty cats .

I see Maria where she sat and where she liked to have a chat .

Her friends are missing her today because she went so far away .

But she can come and go with ease and share with us her precious peace .


Just for today

A very nice ladyfriend I always like to visit in Holland has been practicing Reiki for a long time . She is over 90 years of

age and learned Reiki to help her husband when he was terminally ill .

I asked her for an advice to other , maybe much younger , Reiki practitioners and her response was to live according to the Reikiprincipels , that way you dont do any harm and you help others .

Spain in May

Dear friends , looking forward to go to Spain to the Sierra Nevada , to give a Reikicourse in the Alpujarra Zen Center , our beautiful Jiko An : place of infinite compassion .

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Quando alguém está a sofrer torna-se natural tocar e deixar esta energia de cura fluir, agindo como veiculo do Reiki."