Reiki is a Japanese word for the concept “Universal Life Energy”.


Individual or group courses on all levels of Reiki

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When someone is suffering becomes natural to put the hands and let the healing energy flow, thus acting as a vehicle of Reiki.


Through the initiations of Reiki there is a reopening of the healing potential, a “re-awakening” that can be received by all, regardless of their philosophy and, or religion.

Reiki is very good for those working in health and social work because it charges our “batteries”, the energy flows through us and we’re receiving at the same time that is helping others.

This holistic therapy is considered complementary to any conventional treatment, working on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels of the whole being.

It is a method of self-treatment always available!


Level II is for those who have a period of several months of Reiki practice with themselves and with others, independent of the master and Reiki system of level I.

It opens up tremendous possibilities from the practice of three sacred symbols, three mantras and three yantras, which allow you to send Reiki at a distance.

This initiation works on the Subtle Body (mental / emotional) adjusting and harmonizing it, going through another cleaning period of 21 days, like in level I.

Reiki II will take us to overcome our “need” to know, to open ourselves to the “unknown.”
The Universal Energy does not need our limited understanding to work.

REIKI Exchange

Voluntary donations go to this non Profit organization “Children’s Homes Dharan” that aims to provide shelter, food and education to orphans and abandoned children in Nepal, in particular, in and around the city of Dharan.

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Quando alguém está a sofrer torna-se natural tocar e deixar esta energia de cura fluir, agindo como veiculo do Reiki."
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